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Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Far North Crane was founded in 2018 by the father-son duo Kevin and Chad. What began as a passion project has grown into a well-established business specializing in crane rentals, heavy equipment transport, and rigging services. We cater to all aspects of the construction industry, providing expert Saskatoon hauling services to meet your needs.

Success Starts With Far North

Chad and Kevin Grunow started Far North Crane to bring their expertise to the Saskatchewan. From Chad’s growing interest in cranes from the age of 9 to him accomplishing challenging construction jobs with some of the biggest companies, he brings passion and innovation to the table. Kevin Gunrow’s experience with cranes began in the ’80s with his successful crane company for over ten years, Titan Crane. Coming together was their best decision yet and Far North Crane has been thriving ever since.

We Keep It Simple, Easy

Our goal is to give you hassle-free heavy lifting without you lifting a finger. We collaborate with and involve our clients in our planning and implementation processes for a more dynamic, hands-on approach. We’re also happy to help you make the right choice if you’ve never dealt with heavy equipment before. We hope to make the process safe and well-advised to get the job done.

Proudly Family Owned & Operated

Our team involves experts in the crane and rigging industry. Leading the team are the father-son duo, Chad and Kevin Grunow. The company’s humble beginnings started as a bonding project between the two. Chad was interested in learning more about its business side as Kevin showed him the ropes. Having over 30 years of experience between them, they bring the right expertise to get the job done.

We Go As North As The Job Requires Us To

We provide reliable, efficient services even to the northernmost parts of Canada. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we create a hassle-free alternative to heavy transport of equipment, precast concrete, pre-engineered steel, etc. We serve the great north and are proud to do so!

Choose A Reliable Crane Service Company With Years of Experience

We Put Safety Above All Else

At Far North Crane, our policy is to provide our operators with a safe and healthy working environment. We  encourage and support regular training programs for our company’s sectors to ensure that our standards are always up to date. Every team member complies with the regulations of the OH&S and the provincial and federal protocols. Not only are we dedicated to creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for our workers, we understand the environmental impact our company has and take action to mitigate our footprint. 

Construction jobsite with alot of cranes
Far North Crane training

Our Most Recent Projects

Building Big With Volkswagen

We were the expert team behind the new Volkswagen dealership in Saskatoon where we utilized our 100-ton crane to efficiently complete this project. We erected the pre-engineered steel structure and installed the oil change pit into the ground. Handling all logistical challenges for this project, we were able to provide a fast and reliable commercial crane and rigging service for the building. 

Saskatoon Commercial Crane

Bringing Cineplex to Life

Our team of skilled professionals worked on the Cineplex Cinemas building in Saskatoon. With the help of our 70-ton crane to raise the structural steel, the project was successfully completed and can now be enjoyed by the public.

Saskatoon Commercial Crane

Trust In Far North

Our united approach to all things safety makes us comparable to our competition. Our team continually takes part in training courses in safety, company policy, values and mandate of Far North Crane. We believe this creates the safest environment for our valued clients to perform our best work without compromising safety.

Far North Crane is a family-owned business led by a father-son duo, Kevin & Chad. Their passion and 30-year expertise in all aspects of the crane and rigging industry is what drives Far North’s success today. Chad and Kevin prioritize safety and efficiency and take pride in their team for valuing these standards.

Volkswagen, SK