As a locally owned business, the most valued part of what we do is our commitment to putting safety above all else.

Our Safety Policies & Procedures

At Far North Crane, it is our policy to provide our workers with a safe and healthy working environment. Our quality of work is directly reflective of the safety of our equipment. This includes routine maintenance of machinery and thorough equipment inspections before each use. It is our pleasure to promote regular training programs for all sectors of our company to ensure that our standards are always up to date.

Each member of our team proudly complies with the regulations of the OH&S and other provincial and federal protocols. Not only are we dedicated to creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for our workers, we understand the importance of the environmental impact our company has. These standards are maintained daily due to our united way of operating.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security.

Our United Front

In order to implement our safety policy, Far North operates in total unity. All aspects of the company share the responsibility of creating and maintaining the safest atmosphere for each other, the environment, and everyone affected by our operations. Management and supervisors are in charge of leading the force by clear communications and direction of employees to warrant the ultimate well being of all personnel. 

Employees and staff are responsible for continually taking part in training courses, understanding company policy, and appreciating the values and mandate of Far North Crane. We believe that promoting this united way of working creates the safest environment all on its own. We trust and care that all of our valued personnel share our passion and the importance of safety.